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Pros and Cons of Trusses vs Stick Framing

When comparing two things, it’s best to compare apples for apples. If you are trying to decide if you will use trusses or stick framing, there are things to take into consideration that will make a difference in your decision making. Although we want to compare apples for apples, some things can’t be compared equally […]

How To Successfully Order Trusses

There is a wide range of people that order trusses from us with varied skill levels. Some of you are contractors and some of you are home owners or ‘do-it-your-selfers’. We welcome all customers and enjoy working with each and every one of you. We want each customer to have as good an experience with […]

Differences Between Trusses & Stick Framing, And Common Misconceptions

Stick framing has been around for quite some time. Trusses are relatively new, so naturally trusses are not quite as well known or understood as stick framing. And even if you’ve known about trusses for a while, the industry is changing rapidly, so it’s good to get the latest news and details. Difference Between Stick Framing & […]

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